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Artist’s Statement

I am intrigued with lines and how a slight
change in a curve can transform a
piece; for quite some time now the
curve has been my favorite design
element and some clients say my
‘signature style’.  A strong polish is
something I tend to be a stickler about but I am incorporating more texture and contrast in my work.  I strive to create designs that are pleasant to look at, comfortable to wear and sturdy to withstand the life we lead.  My name is on the business as well as each piece of jewelry; I stand by my product.

Artist’s Bio

I come from a family of artists.  My father taught Scene Design at Minnesota State University – Mankato. My mother is a Fiber Artist and Classical Music fan. My sister enjoyed a career in Competitive Dance and taught Dance lessons as a teenager.  

I met my husband Steve in college; he is a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army.  We have two dogs that complete our family.

I love to work with my hands and create, always have and always will I’m afraid.  I also love pottery and I jump at the chance to sit and throw.  Before discovering metals, I was considering a career as a violin maker.
My parents enrolled my sister and me in dance lessons around the age of 4 (tap, jazz and ballet).  I taught for a few years during college but haven’t done much formally since (though I like to shake my bootie every now and then!).  
My mother was my first piano
teacher. I played for a few years
however the instrument that chose me was the              violin; I played for 11 years through college.  I also began playing guitar while working as a camp counselor for 3 summers.

Work History

I don’t feel old enough to say this, but “I started doing this 17 years ago.”  Here’s how it all began:

’94-‘95 ~ I discovered Art Metals in high school and learned the very basics.  I took all 3 classes as quickly as I could.

’95-’96 ~ I happened upon an apprenticeship with local goldsmith Patty Conlin; this is where I discovered the possibilities and my passion.

’96-’00 ~ I earned my B.S. in Art with a focus in metals from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.  My main instructors were Professor Bill Fiorini (known for his Damascus knives and blacksmithing skills) and then grad student Kirsten Skiles (chasing & repose focus).

’00-’02 ~ This was my time as a Bench Jeweler, working at Jewels by Lubeck where I learned the repair side of the business.  During this time I realized I wanted to focus on using my artistic degree so I began writing a business plan.

’03-Present ~ ‘Sacha, goldsmith-designer’ became a reality.  I’ve had my studio in Jacksonville Beach, FL; San Antonio, TX; Idar-Oberstein, Germany & Lawton, OK.