dapping punches and other tools to forge and form the metal.  I also use an oxygen-propane torch to weld or solder multiple pieces together.  One of my favorite, and most versatile tools is a flexible shaft hand held drill (much like a dremmel tool) used to hold drill bits, cutting burrs, sanding or separating disks, rubber polishing wheels and polishing buffs.

Going Green

With environmentally friendly options gaining popularity new doors have been opened to me.  My suppliers have been able to guarantee my metals are refined from 100% reclaimed materials (recycled ‘old gold’ versus newly mined).  Gemstone dealers are catching on to the ‘green theme’ as well; I am now able to purchase fair trade gems as well as polished found materials (such as Slag, an industrial by-product of the Iron Ore refining days).

*I am always looking to purchase old gold or a previously owned gemstone in good condition to recycle.

Sacha is an Independent goldsmith studio specializing  in custom design and fabrication of 14k gold, platinum, and unique mixed metal techniques combined with precious and semi-precious gemstones and organic materials.
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